Hunt NFT


You can use funds on the Arbitrum network to participate in raffles for NFTs on any blockchain.
Hunt NFT is a platform that utilizes cross-chain technology to enable the creation of multi-chain NFT raffles. This article will provide a detailed introduction to Hunt NFT's cross-chain solution.
Hunt NFT: Cross-chain NFT raffle marketplace

Supported Chains

Hunt NFT supports multiple blockchains from its launch, including ETH, OP Arbitrum, Polygon, and Base. We have the capability and plans to support more popular blockchains in the future. The core contracts for the cross-chain functionality of Hunt NFT are HuntBridge and SubBridge.HuntBridge contract at: ArbitrumSubBridge contract at: ETH, OP, Polygon, Base Hunt NFT currently supports EVM-compatible blockchains, but our project has excellent scalability. We have the capability to deploy contracts on blockchains such as Solana, Aptos, and Cosmos application-specific chains, opening up vast prospects for multi-chain NFT raffles.

Cross-chain NFT raffle solution

The cross-chain solution of Hunt NFT is very simple and easy to understand. Please take a careful look at the image below, and you will grasp it.
Cross-chain NFT raffle solution
Let's take an example: Eric owns BAYC #1 on the ETH mainnet and wants to use his own BAYC #1 to create an NFT raffle on Hunt NFT. The following events will occur:
  1. 1.
    Eric approves his BAYC #1 to Hunt NFT.
  2. 2.
    Eric deposits his BAYC #1 to the SubBridge contract on the ETH mainnet.
  3. 3.
    The HuntBridge contract on the Arbitrum receives the message and mint hBAYC #1, which is then sent to the huntGame contract to start the raffle.
  4. 4.
    When a winner claims his prize NFT, the hBAYC #1 is burned. Simultaneously, a message is sent to SubBridge on ETH mainnet, which sends the actual BAYC #1 to the winner's address.
The workings of other blockchains are similar to the ETH mainnet, and our design is straightforward. Additionally, users can directly achieve cross-chain NFT transfers through our bridge without creating raffles. We believe that there will be more interesting functionalities for NFTs implemented on Layer2 blockchains in the future.

Why is cross-chain necessary?

For Hunt NFT, cross-chain is essential. Let me explain the reasons. NFT raffles are not simply NFT transactions. For sellers, it requires paying gas fees to showcase the NFT for sale to others.For participants in the raffles, they spend a small amount of money and are unwilling to bear the high gas costs on the ETH mainnet. Therefore, it is necessary to cross-chain the NFTs from the ETH mainnet to blockchains with lower gas fees and higher performance, making it convenient for all users who wish to participate in raffles.