Hunt NFT

Create raffle page introduction

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    choose an NFT for raffle
Here is the information about the NFT collection. Please carefully verify if the selected NFT is the one you wish to create the raffle for.
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    Choose an appropriate end time for the NFT raffle
The duration of the raffle must be longer than 6 hours.
This means that before the raffle ends, your NFT will be locked in a verified smart contract. If the time expires but not all bullets are sold, the raffle will be canceled, and you can withdraw your NFT.
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    Choose an appropriate bullet supply and bullet price
The bullet supply multiplied by the bullet price equals the total value of the NFT raffle.
It is advisable to set a price closer to the floor price, as it increases the chances of a successful raffle and potential selection by the Skip Pool mode.
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    If you are an NFT KOL or a member of a project team and want to organize activities for your fans, you can consider the "NFT Holder Mode". You can click here to view the details.
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    Please accept our Terms & Conditions.
Terms & Conditions
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    If you are unsure about the rules and procedures for creating raffles, please carefully read our introductory documentation.
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    To create a raffle, you need to stake your NFT into the contract and transfer it to our contract address. Once the raffle starts, it cannot be canceled, and you will not be able to withdraw your NFT until the end time. Please carefully consider and determine the ending time for the raffle.
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    The total price for participating in the NFT raffle is calculated by multiplying the bullet supply by the bullet price. On our platform, NFTs can generally be sold in raffles at higher prices.
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    Our fees consist of a base fee and a commission-based sales fee. You can refer to the documentation provided at this location for specific rules.
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    For users from regions such as mainland China, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and other areas with strict cryptocurrency regulations, please comply with the local laws and regulations.
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    Please click on Button to Approve NFT and Crate hunt game raffle.
Please note that you may need to switch network.
Simply confirm the transactions in your wallet one by one.
It's a cool experience to participate in raffles for NFTs from different blockchains on Arb !
After approximately 5 to 10 minutes, the cross-chain transfer of your NFT will be successful, and you can view your NFT raffle on the "My Profile - Created" page.
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Our current fee rule is as follows: we take 4% of the amount for creating NFT raffles as a service charge. The fees are very low, and no fees are charged if the draw fails. Other similar draw markets generally charge a 5% handling fee.