Hunt NFT

Buy bullets page introduction

*Please ensure that your wallet is connected to Arbitrum One.
First, select your favorite NFT on the homepage. You can click on the NFT image or the "View Raffle" button below it to access the details page for the raffle.
Once you enter the raffle details page, you will find the following information:
Here, you will find the name representing the NFT collection.
This represents the name and tokenId of the NFT.
Clicking on this button allows you to view the traits of the NFT, which will open a popup window below.
Clicking on the eye icon will open a popup window
Clicking on the OpenSea icon button will redirect your browser to the OpenSea page for this specific NFT.
Here, the displayed information represents the floor price of this NFT collection.
This represents the total price to purchase all the bullets for participating in the raffle of this NFT. If you buy all the bullets, your chances of winning will be 100%.
The "Details" section displays important information related to the raffle. Let's go through each of them and provide detailed explanations:
1.This is a countdown timer. When the time is up, it means the raffle has ended. If, at that time, not all bullets are sold, the raffle will be canceled. However, if all bullets are sold, the winners will be announced shortly!
By clicking on this button, you can view the personal profile page of the person who created the raffle.
3.The "Participants" section displays the quantity of bullets purchased by each user participating in the NFT raffle. Here, you can view the information about your competitors and see how many bullets they have purchased.
4.The "Transactions" section displays the records of on-chain transactions made by participants in the NFT raffle. You can click on the "tx" to navigate to a blockchain explorer and view detailed information about the transaction. We ensure that everything is publicly transparent and traceable.
Clicking on the share button will automatically copy the URL of this webpage to your clipboard. You can then paste the relevant information anywhere you like.
Clicking on the "Report" button to report any suspicious raffle activities. If you notice anything suspicious, please feel free to contact us through our Discord group. We appreciate your report.
Checking this checkbox signifies that you understand and select "Skip Pool Mode."We recommend users to select this mode so that your funds are guaranteed to participate in a successful NFT raffle. Otherwise, there is a possibility of raffle failure. For more detailed information about the "Skip Pool mode", please click here to view.
This displays the contract address of the raffle. You can view the contract for each NFT raffle on a blockchain explorer.
2.By clicking the "Max" button, you can automatically select the maximum quantity of bullets to purchase using your wallet money. Afterward, click the "Buy Bullets" button and confirm the transaction in your wallet to easily participate in the NFT raffle.
  1. 1.
    If you are unsure about the rules and procedures for purchasing bullets for the raffle, please carefully read our introductory documentation.
  2. 2.
    Our winning probability is strictly equal to the ratio of the number of bullets you purchase to the total number of bullets, ensuring absolute fairness.
  3. 3.
    The raffle will take place as long as all bullets are sold before the end time. If there are unsold bullets at that time, the cryptocurrency used for participating in the raffle can be withdrawn.
  4. 4.
    We recommend selecting the "Skip Pool Mode" , which allows your bullets to automatically join the raffle of the next blue-chip NFT in case of a time-out situation.
  5. 5.
    For users from regions such as mainland China, the United States, Canada, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and other areas with strict cryptocurrency regulations, please comply with the local laws and regulations.