Hunt NFT


Welcome to the Hunt NFT product guide and frequently asked questions🥳
Hunt NFT will be the leading next-generation NFT marketplace.
Hunt NFT innovatively gamifies the process of purchasing NFTs. If your funds are insufficient to purchase an NFT, you have the option to acquire it through a raffle system. Alternatively, you can choose to pay the full amount and directly secure your chances of winning the raffle, allowing you to purchase the desired NFT.
Hunt NFT's design is a solution that truly addresses the liquidity issue of NFTs, allowing anyone, regardless of their asset holdings, to participate in the trading of their favorite NFTs. For example, 1 ETH equals a 2% chance of winning a CryptoPunks NFT (when the floor price is 50 ETH). By harnessing the collective power of individuals, NFTs can undoubtedly become a more valuable asset class.
Hunt NFT adopts a unique multi-chain design, where we believe that ETH Layer2 has a promising future, and the NFT space will shine brightly on Layer2 . We support various blockchains such as ETH, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, Base, and more. Users can sell their NFTs from multiple blockchains on Hunt NFT's raffle platform.
Some platforms simply treat NFTs as commodities, causing people to overlook their unique traits. From the beginning, Hunt NFT emphasizes the importance of respecting the uniqueness of each NFT. People should pursue the NFTs they genuinely appreciate, rather than treating NFTs as ERC20 tokens and solely waiting for their value to appreciate.
We also incorporate the advantages of GameFi into NFT trading on Hunt NFT. The amount each user participates in the raffle will be recorded, and Hunt NFT will airdrop bullet shells (ERC20 tokens) based on the amount. The more bullets you buy, the greater your chances of winning, and the more bullet shells you will receive through the airdrop!
We will open a bullet shell store, and Hunt NFT has the potential to become the largest buyer in the entire NFT community. We will use real money to purchase high-quality NFTs, supporting the development of the NFT ecosystem!
Regarding royalties, we highly value the continual efforts of every creator and NFT project. Hunt NFT will allocate a portion of the revenue from each transaction to the respective project. Additionally, we will introduce innovative methods to provide a certain amount of earnings to all NFT holders. The success of NFTs relies on the dedication of every community member and holder!
Hunt NFT will be the leading next-generation NFT marketplace !